Special Programmes

Computer Education Programme

The Computer Education Programme aims at making students use the computer both as a productive tool and as a means of creativity and self-expression. The curriculum encompasses technological skills based on themes that are current and meaningful. The programme helps children build a solid foundation of fundamental learning skills and prepares them for the fast changing technology of today with a futuristic perspective.

Edu Comp Smart Class

The technology enabled programme ensures effective and enriching learning experiences. The regularly updated inputs and a wide range of video clippings are accessed from the knowledge Centre. Difficult and abstract concepts too become clear to the students when viewed on the Interactive Boards in the Audio Visual Rooms. The facility is also useful for other purposes like Guest Lectures, Seminars and Workshops.

Y.L.E. & Main Suite Exams

The Cambridge Young Learner’s English examination is optional for children from Class I upwards. It is the fore runner to the Main Suite Exams. The facilitators (teachers) for taking these classes have been trained by the British Council.

Enrichment / Talent Programmes and Life Skills Workshops

Enrichment and Talent Programmes are geared towards enhancing the potentially gifted children in the key areas of Creative Writing, Science, Mathematics and Life Skills. These programmes are conducted by the experts in the field and will give confidence to the children in their Studies and Life Skills.

Adolescent Education Programme and Workshops

The ranges of activities help, promote confidence and self esteem along with the right perspectives of rights & responsibilities. It instills positive thinking and attitudinal development to avoid risky habits. It also strengthens personal hygiene.

Field Trips

Field trips are conducted as an extensive learning experience based on the curriculum. It effectively supplements class room learning.

General Assembly / Intramural System

The General Assembly is a weekly feature offering varied activities. Each House (Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby and Topaz) will present various activities during the Assembly for a week. It serves as a stage for students to showcase their talents and to promote those aspiring to compete at higher levels.

Clean Class Award

A clean class promotes positivity in the learning atmosphere. To instill this sense of cleanliness, the clean class award has been instituted for classes Class III to XII. The classes are judged on various parameters of cleanliness and the award is given once a term.