Principal’s Desk

Om Namo Narayani

The dream becomes reality with the blessings that have been showering from the hands of the divine soul of our beloved SRI SAKTHI AMMA, and this spirit enhances us for a greater level. The intention of this institution goes beyond the confined system and structure. We provide an ample opportunity for every child to explore, expose and exhibit everyone’s dream. We teach every child to dream of their choice. The learning becomes tougher and harder when it’s forced. Thus the conducive environment here makes a child embrace the new techniques with a warm smile. We expertise the skill of facilitators as well as an ideal teacher. Only a learner can be a good academician.  We always keep updating and abreasting.

We also strongly believe that every student is a child of God and has to be nurtured with divine knowledge and extreme care.

With this thought in mind, we aim to give the best school experience by continually investing in new and existing facilities, training, technologies, and services. Our temple of learning provides Holistic development to the students with Social awareness and an amalgamation of spiritual, Indian ethos, and culture.

We sincerely hope that with the blessings of Sri Sakthi Amma all our students at SNVC will confront a very rewarding and successful school experience.

Wishing you a great learning

Thank You


Indhumathi B

Sri Narayani Vidyashram,