Mission Statement


Goddess Sri Narayani descended on to Earth in the form of Sri Sakthi Amma to bring the people back to Bakthi Fold and also to rescue them from the vices and sufferings of KALIYUG.

You can pay back indebtedness to this world only by serving the society. The sufferings which you undergo today, is due to your action of yesterday. If you keep on asking for alms, you will continue to be in the position of receiving. you can donate not only by Money but by Physical Service too. Wisdom alone can teach you how best you can use your money and muscle. Education without devotion will bring only disasters. Pray for others and God instantly fulfills.

God gives not because you are asking but because of what you deserve. Your aim should reach god by good thoughts and deeds. Universal Peace, Love, Prosperity and Happiness crossing all the barriers of Race, Nation, Colour, Religion and Caste is the need of the hour .

Amma states that education equips men with the knowledge and the devotion brings wisdom that will enable them to live a life not just for themselves but for the less fortunate as well. Knowledge without wisdom is only information and is useless and a life without service to the society is a wastage.


  1. To kindle the Creative and Critical thinking skills of every child through the culturally oriented quality education to become a socially responsible great citizen.
  2. To empower and enhance the ability of every individual through self-awareness, decision making and evince their capability in every aspect of their life with Indian culture.