The School espouses robust practical expertise with excellent academic proficiency. The laboratories are well-equipped with highly advance instruments to buttress the academic curriculum. The facilities pave way for our students to Observe. Experiment, Analyze and turn-up with logical solutions.

Science Lab

Our Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs are well-furnished with advance equipment. The labs help to correlate their previously learnt theory portion with practical analysis and confirmation. We also encourage and hone the interested students to the National Science Talent test.

Math Lab

“Learning by Doing” forms the basis for all activities in the Lab. Math lab is a place rich with manipulative materials to which students have ready access to handle and perform mathematical experiments, play mathematical games, solve mathematical puzzles and become involved in activities related to mathematics. Students discover mathematical principles, patterns and process all by themselves. Thereby, every student will experience the joy of discovery. The Math Zone in the Math Lab enhances concept stabilization using digitized laboratory activities. The process of observing the demonstration as well as experiencing it hands-on using manipulative to observe / discover / verify concepts is complemented by viewing the activity in animated form.

English Lab

English language plays a vital role in today’s competitive world. Various training programs have been conducted to hone the students English communication skills. Our English lab follows an unique “Blended Learning” concept, which is a righteous mix of instructor-led and computer- based learning. This concept exposes the learner to both real-life scenarios and situational learning using simulation techniques. With the use of innovative and creative materials children acquire language skills at their own pace. Technology assisted and activity based training motivates students to learn without any stress and develop confidence. It also promotes integration of linguistic skills.

Computer centre

The computer centre is the cynosure of SPS. Apart from curriculum, students are encouraged to use the facilities in the computer centre to stay updated with the emerging innovations and current affairs. The computer centre is equipped with high speed internet connectivity. Internet hours are integrated in the timetable for the students to access, to download information and to update their technical hypothesis.

Creative Science Lab

It is a springboard for many a young scientist to ascend and shine as it has wonderful and tangible working models and innovative teaching aids, Easy assimilation of intrinsic principles is in tandem with the application of the knowledge acquired and experience gained in the lab.


Our library is well-stacked with a colossal collection of 15,000 volumes of book. Students can avail this excellent facility to enrich their theoretical skills and stay updated with current affairs. Our computerized library contains books from diversified fields and has subscribed for many reputed journals and magazines. Well – qualified librarians and assistants are always available to help the students. The library is computerized and equipped with a Photocopier for taking copies of any relevant article from reference section of the library.
Audio Visual Room

The make the students understand the subjects clearly, our school encompass state-of the-art multimedia theatre with extensive range of reference CDs to all the ages and classes. Seminars and workshops are also conducted in this room.