Om Namo Narayani

Sri  Narayani Vidyashram



On    16th June 2019 Institution day was celebrated. The students and teachers received blessings and prizes for Cent Percent Attendance from sacred hands of beloved Sri Sakthi Amma.      X std and XI std toppers were presented with gold coins and cash awards for cent percent marks individual subject Teachers. Then various cultural programs were held by students. Individual Proficiency certificate were received by our school students from all classes

International Yoga Day – June 21st

On 21st June International Yoga Day was celebrated. Students of Vidyalaya and Vidyashram performed Mass Yoga. In before hand, District level yoga competition was conducted and the winners were honoured by Ms.Vanitha,DIG of Vellore.

In the presence of Dr.M.Suresh Babu, Trustee & Director, Sri Narayani Schools and Dr.N.Balaji, Director of Sri Narayani Hospital and Research Centre, Students performed Special Yoga.

Kavalur Trip:

On 6th December, 2018, Grade 7, 8, 9 & 10 students were taken to the Vina Bappu Observatory, Indian Institute of Physics at Kavalur as a field trip. Students were explained about the telescope and its properties. It was a learning session for the students.

World Blood Donors Day: (June 14)

On June 14th, 2019 in order to promote the importance of Blood Donation, Sri Narayani Hospital & Research Centre organized Blood Donation camp in our school premises. Nearly 15 Staff donated Blood.

Mega Health Camp:

On 5th April, Mega Health Camp was organized by Sri Narayani Hospital & research Centre and SIIMS Hospital in our school premises. More than 500 people got benefited.

Knowledge Olympiad

On 14th August 2019, District Level Knowledge Olympiad Quiz Competition was conducted. This event “Knowledge Olympiad” was orgainsed as part of students’ knowledge enrichment in connection with the Independence Day Celebrations and the UN International Youth Day Celebrations. Overall Championship was won by Sri Narayani Vidyashram. Apoorva IAS, Principal Secretary, Commissioner of Archives & Historical Research, Government of Tamil Nadu applauded the winners for their sterling performance. 

On 16th March 2019, Graduation ceremony for Montessori students was organised. The occasion was graced by Dr.M.Suresh Babu, Trustee & Director, Sri Narayani Schools and Dr.Rajaram,IAS(R). The ceremony was also attended by the parents of the students of Montessori.

Investiture ceremony

On 5th July 2019, Investiture ceremony was organized for both the schools. The students after receiving the Oath of maintaining fairness in judgment from each of the newly appointed student leaders the Chief Guest pinned the badges and blessed the members of the Prefect Body.    The chief guest Mr.Mars, CEO congratulated the students and wished them luck.

Muperum Vizha:

On 10th July2019, Muperum vizha was organized in our school premises. Kamarajar’s Birthday, Agathiyar Manram and kalvi valarchi Naal together celebrated as Mupperum Vizha. Students and Staff gave a speech on the importance of Tamil Language. The winners of Speech and Essay competition were honoured with certificates.

Youth Parliament :

On 4th January 2020, to make the students understand the parliamentary procedure Youth parliament (Mock Parliament) was organized. Mr.Parvesh kumar, IPS preceded over the function.

Artificial Intelligence Lab:

Sri Narayani Vidyashram Sripuram, Vellore organised a National Level Workshop on Skill Development Education 17-08-19 @ Sripuram, Vellore, Tamilnadu. The workshop was inaugurated by  Dr Biswajith Saha, Director, Skill Education and Training, CBSE  preceded by the inauguration of  the Artificial Intelligence Centre for Excellence  @ Sri Narayani Vidyashram on the same day at 9 am. The presence of other officials from CBSE including Regional Officer, Chennai and the Executive Director of Skill Development Corporation, Tamilnadu makes every participant to know how and why Skill education empowers school children. 

Orientation-programme for the teachers and students

Advisor of Finland Education Board Ms. Lena Gaerkman from Finland visited Sri Narayani Schools and addressed the school teachers and students about the methodologies being followed in schools of Finland.

73rd Independence Day Celebration

73rd Independence Day was celebrated in a grand manner. The National Flag was hoisted by Dr. M. Suresh Babu, Director to honour and Salute the nation and sacrifice made by our freedom fighters on the patriotic Independence Day. The Management, Staff and Students of Sri Narayani Vidyashram marked the occasion by holding a unique march past highlighting the cultural diversity of India. The parade was led by the students of the school and students from various grades participated in the programme and witnessed the celebration.

Teacher’s orientation

Pulavar Gnansekaran from Sripuram delivered a Speech about Our Beloved Sri Sakthi Amma’s Divine and Community Programmes.

Creative Methodology

Workshop on Kreative Methodology for Mont teachers was held in order to instill in them the art of creative thinking and discourse.

Parents Facilitators Meeting

Parents Teachers Facilitators’ meeting was held in a conducive and professional style. The parents of the students were apprised of their respective wards’ academic and co-curricular performance.

Handwriting Training and Practice Session  

Handwriting practice was given to the faculty and students through a session conducted by Dr. Rajamanickam, E.L.T. Expert.

Scouts & Guides

Kamarajar’s Birthday Celebration

Role-Play For Internal Assessment

Red-Day Celebration

Montessori – Red day Celebration was organized to enhance the learning skill of the young and the bright little ones.

Celebration Of Krishna Jayanthi

Krishna Jayanthi celebration was celebrated in a colourful manner by Montessori and Grade 1 & 2 Children. To mark the auspicious Krishna Jayanthi Day, A Special Pooja was performed to offer devotion to worship Lord Krishna. Officials, Staff and Students participated.

Celebration Of Vinayakar Chaturthi

Dr. M. Suresh Babu, Honourable Director performed Pooja on the auspicious occasion of Vinayagar Chathurthi. Children performed a skit depicting the birth of Lord Vinayaga.

Children’s Fruits Day Celebration

Fruits-Day was celebrated by Montessori kids in order to highlight and instill in them the importance of fruits and the nutritional value it accompanies.

Celebration of Vegetables Day

Workshop For Hubs-of-Learning

With the Divine Presence and Blessings of Beloved SRI SAKTHI AMMA, Beloved Sri Sakthi Amma inaugurated The New Hubs-of-Learning. Dr. M. Suresh Babu, Director, Guests, Officials and Faculty and Students in huge numbers participated in the programme.

Robotics workshop in vit

Birth anniversary of Dr. A.p.j. Abdul Kalam

Children belonging to the secondary-level performed various activities including speech and role-play in order to commemorate Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam’s Birth Anniversary.

A Field Trip to Mahabalipuram on 25.10.2019

On 25th October, 2019, Grade – 6,7,8 & 9 students of the school were taken for a Field Trip to Mahabalipuram where they were exposed to the various facets of Pallava Art & Sculpture. Students did enjoy the field trip with all vigour.

Offering of nilavembu kassayam to students

In order to increase the immunity power of the students, Nilavembu kasayam was given to all the students. Officials of the school took part in this important health drive.


“Kalautsav-2019” was celebrated on 6th December, in the Divine Presence and Blessings of Our Beloved Sri Sakthi Amma. Students performed various cultural activities. Dr. M. Suresh Babu, Director & Trustee delivered the presidential speech. Thiru. A. V. Venkatachalam, IFS , Chairman, TNPCB, presided over the function. Officials of the School, Faculty, Staff, Parents and Students took part in the programme and enjoyed the evening programme with great fervor.

Sri sakthi amma’s saraswathi yagam

Students of the school appearing for the Board Examination (10th & 12th) received writing pens from Beloved Sri Sakthi Amma. Beloved Sri Sakthi Amma performed “Saraswathi Yagam” and delivered a divine message in order for the students to excel in their respective Board Examinations. Dr. Radhakrishnan IAS, Revenue Secretary, TN Govt, Vellore Collector, Beloved AMMA’s Overseas Devotees, Devotees and Students attended the Divine Yagam and received Divine Blessings of Beloved Sri Sakthi Amma.  

Visit Of Shri Param Pujya Yogarishi Swami Ramdevji Maharaj

SHRI PARAM PUJYA YOGARISHI SWAMI RAMDEVJI MAHARAJ visited and delivered the key note address at Sri Narayani Group of Schools and performed A Spiritual Yoga Session for the benefit of the students on 15-02-2020. (Saturday). Dr. M Suresh Babu, Trustee & Director Sripuram along with the Officials of the Schools accompanied the visiting Swamiji. Teachers and Students attended and benefitted from the extraordinary program.

Robotics State-Level Competition –Feb 2020

Our students under the dynamic leadership of Dr. M. Suresh Babu, Director & Trustee actively participated in the event ROBOTICA-2020 on 29.02.2020 and received “Best School Performance “ award thereby bringing glory and laurels to the school for the academic year 2019 -2020.

Events and Celebrations 2020-2021

World Environment Day

A Plantation Drive was organized in coordination with SRI SAKTHI AMMA’s Green Sakthi Project to mark the importance of World Environment Day 2020.

International Yoga Day

In conjunction with the International Day of Yoga, A Special Yoga Session was conducted through online mode for the benefit of faculty, staff and students.

World Father’s Day

World Father’s Day was organized in order to celebrate the importance of the role of Father’s in a family. Students along with parents participated enthusiastically in the programme.

Reading week activity

In order to improve the reading habits of students, a reading activity for the students was conducted.


Students were engaged in the celebration of Vanmahotsav through which the importance of medicinal plants was invoked.

Chota Chef

The importance of conceiving a healthy world and the need for leading a healthier lifestyle was brought to the attention of the students with the Chota Chef Contest.

Clay art

The Inter house activities were organized for various grades in order to instill in them a sense of creativity and bring in the realm of competitive spirit among them. Students in huge numbers actively took part in the competitions and benefited from it.

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam’s Death Anniversary

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam’s Death Anniversary was commemorated with a fitting platform being erected for the students. An Online Quiz competition was conducted.

World Nature Conservation Day

The Students at Sri Narayani Vidyashram were taught the importance of conservation of nature through the unique activity of “Making Bird Feeder”.

Expertise talk – Special Webinar

A Special Webinar on “Management of Wellbeing” was delivered by Dr. L. Janani MD (Siddha) Unit Head of Sri Narayani Ayurvedic Centre. Students along with their parents constructively participated in the session and benefitted from it.

Rakhi Making & Colouring activity

The month of August in India brings in joy through colours. Young and talented children of the school actively took part by showcasing their unique talents through Rakhi Colouring and Rakhi Making.

Mini Brindhavan

The divine celebration of Lord Krishna during “Krishna Jayanthi” shapes the spiritual ethos of Hinduism greatly. The celebration for students clad and dressed in Krishna and Radha attire brought in the spiritual fervor in a grand manner.  

74th Independence Day

The National Flag was hoisted by Dr. M. Suresh Babu, Director & Correspondent. The 74th Independence Day of India was celebrated in a grand and effective manner by involving students in fancy dress and essay writing competitions respectively.  


Teacher’s Day was celebrated with great fervor as it marked the importance of becoming and being a Guru to the many students who look up to them for inspiration. To mark the importance of the day, Montessori & Grade I to V students were encouraged to take part in the card making activity while students belonging to Grade VI to Grade XII actively involved themselves in poem writing activity. The day ended with the active participation of 33 students.


The dire need and importance of taking care of one’s grandparents is the need of the hour in the fast-pacing world. To reiterate its importance among students, “Grandparents’ Day” was celebrated. Grade I to III students actively participated in the activity and highlighted on the importance of love and affection they dearly hold on their grandparents for the many sacrifices they endure for their grandchildren.


Mr. Chandrasekaran, Founder – Uthavum Ullangal addressed the faculty and students of Sri Narayani Schools on “Importance of Truthfulness”. In his message addressed through a specially organized webinar, he reiterated to follow the path of harmony and peace as preached by Mahatma Gandhi. He also reminded the listeners the importance of kindness, truth, non-violence, resilience, simplicity and peace – all the things Mahatma Gandhi stood for. 67 students and 98 faculties actively participated and benefited from the webinar.


Dr. Kavidhasan delivered a special lecture on the topic “Be and Make” in order to empower the 98 faculty of Sri Narayani schools. In the key note address, he highlighted on ten key points to be followed by the faculty in order to enhance their lives: 

1. Spend time on reading “Thirukural”, “Aathichoodi” and so on every day.

2. Win your life by making others win.

3. Time Management

4. Be a co-learner

5. 5 C’s (1. Character 2. Courage 3. Confidence, 4. Commitment 5. Creativity)

6. Motivational story of Abdul Kalam and Einstein are very inspiring and gives us new positive perception of our problems.

7. Be a example for your students by leading a honest life.

8. Importance of time management.

9. Education should be value-based.

10. Make students become good citizens.


Mahatma Gandhiji’s great contribution in the birth of our nation’s independence was highlighted during the Gandhi Jayanti Celebration. Students from Montessori & Grade I to III participated in the activity titled “MY HOUSE CLEAN HOUSE/FEEL THE GOD IN YOU BY FEEDING ANIMALS AND BIRDS” and expressed their thoughts. A poem writing competition for the students belonging to the Grade IV to VII was held. Grade VIII to XII took part in a slogan writing competition. 26 students guided by the faculty actively participated in the competitions.


Science has taught us that in order to achieve technological development, great human collaborations along with keen sense of logic and imagination is required. In order to realize its potential, the Science Club organized an activity for the benefit of Grade I to X wherein 19 students took part in talking about their favourite plant and scientist respectively.


A Webinar on “ROLE OF TEACHERS IN ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION” was organized on the 7th of November 2020 to instill the importance of protecting our environment among the faculties at SNVC. Mr. T.V. Manjunantha, Guest Speaker delivered the special address attended by 98 members of the SNVC teaching and non-teaching faculty.


Diwali – The Festival of Lights event was organized by SNVC, for students from Mont. 2 to Grade XII. Diwali marks the auspiciousness wherein good wins over evil. 12 students in a celebrative mood filled with enthusiasm attended the celebration.


A competition was organized by the Zonal Postal Department for the students from classes GRADE I to GRADE XII, wherein six students participated overwhelmingly.


To highlight the importance of consuming fruits and vegetables, A Fruit and Veggie parade was organized for the children of classes MONT II to GRADE III. The creativity of the best 19 students, works were put into display.


A “FUN WITH SHAPES” activity was organized for the MONTESSORI children to instill in them the art of identifying and denoting different shapes and sizes. The fun-filled activity participated by seven children brought must cheer to the parents and faculty.  


Three Webinar Sessions on “SELF-AWARENESS” were organized on 07-12-2020, 11-12-2020, and 19-12-2020 wherein 45, 80 and 80 members of the faculty and facilitators attended the sessions respectively. Mrs. Kandha Kapoor, renewed speaker, and expert on the subject spoke and motivated all the members by throwing light on important aspects and highlighting the various facets related to the self-awareness of an individual. 


Dr. Vignesh Sakthivel an eminent speaker on “STRESS MANAGEMENT” delivered a special talk and motivated the faculty members of Sri Narayani Schools by revealing tips on how to handle stress-related issues and be relieved from the conditions related to it. 90 members of the faculty attended the webinar and benefitted from it.  


The DEPARTMENT OF YOGA conducted various programs and activities between December II and III Week to celebrate and rejoice in the importance of keeping oneself fit. In conjunction with the fitness week:

VIRTUAL ASSEMBLY of students was undertaken for the GRADES between VI and XII wherein 60 of them assembled with ingrained enthusiasm.

An ONLINE QUIZ ON YOGA was held for the students of GRADE VI to XII to underscore the importance of performing yoga and the sound benefits that arise from it. 75 students actively took part in the quiz.

An ADVERTISEMENT ON YOGA session was formulated wherein 10 students from GRADE VI to GRADE XII enrolled themselves and endorsed their creativity.

EACH ONE CATCH ONE FACILITATOR’s YOGA Activity was organized for the members of the SNVC Facilitators wherein 35 of them took part. The idea behind the session was to promote the art of interdependence between facilitators.

To bring cheer and enthusiasm among parents, ’A FUN FAMILY YOGA’ activity was held. 20 parents attended the event and benefitted from the merits of YOGA.


The DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION through FIT INDIA WEEK CELEBRATION conducted various activities to promote the physical standards and wellbeing among students of all GRADES.

SQUAT AND HAND EXERCISE was organized for GRADE I & II students. Five students underwent the exercise efficiently as demonstrated and benefitted from the exercise.

CLAPPING HANDS AND SPOT JOGGING task was held for the students belonging to GRADE III & IV to tune in them their presence-of-mind attitude as three of them enthusiastically took part.

TURNING EXERCISE AND ROPE SKIPPING activity was conducted for the students of GRADE V & VI wherein four of them participated. The importance of the exercise was to promote the coordination between movements of turning and jumping.

SITUP CHALLENGES AND BENDING EXERCISE was performed by the students of GRADE VII & VIII to highlight their sportiness’ nature as five of them undertook it.

SIDE WARD AND BALL DRIPPING physical tasks were organized for the students belonging to GRADE IX & X to bring out the synergy in them towards hand movement as two students took part in the task. JUMP AND JIG JAG EXERCISE was held for the GRADE XI & XII students to promote and measure their jumpiness. The active exercise undertaken by four students helped them realize their individual physical strength’s importance.


In order to highlight and instill in students the importance of Thirukural, “KURAL OVIYAM” event was organized on January 11, 2021. The faculty at SNVC took immense steps in motivating students to take part in the unique event whereby the students were highly encouraged to depict through art based on explaining the message and information embedded in select couplets taken from ancient Thirukural. Six students participated in the event and skillfully project their unique talents.


PONGAL – The Festival of Harvest is celebrated across India in the month of January every year. The festival culminates in thanking of the Sun God, Recognizing the importance of our toiling Farmers, Worshipping the Holy Cow and celebrating the festival by sharing happiness with near and dear ones. At SNVC, we wanted to bring forth the importance of Tamil Nadu’s traditional games amidst students by organizing various events. The celebration of Pongal is unique as it promotes oneness among students as 30 of them actively participated in the games and showcased their physical prowess.



Students from Grade I to XII took part in Poem & Essay Writing competition held on January 17, 2021. The scope of the competition was to promote and enhance the importance of YOUTH and their contribution towards the development of the nation. 4 students enthusiastically took part in the competitions by invoking their creativity.


As part of the National Youth Day Celebrations, “A Disguise Yourself as National Leader” event was organized for the students belonging from MONT II to GRADE III on January 25,2021. The event experienced a resounding success as 10 young students dressed themselves and honed the role as national leaders.

Republic day celebration

The 72nd Republic Day was celebrated in all its solemnity and grandeur at our School  premises on 26th January 2021. The celebration started with the lamp lighting by our distinguished Director sir Dr.M.SURESH BABU. Then, our Director sir hoisted National flag and distributed sweets.

SNVC Disseminates the Honourable PM’s Message on Covid 19 appropriate behavior

In view of the alarming rise in the number of cases across the country, the Ministry of Education reached out to the community through the schools, hoping to disseminate the message of staying safe by observing precautionary protocols.

Sri Narayani Schools, comprising students, their families and staff members, are requested to stringently observe the 4-step formula for the prevention of the spread of this virulent pandemic:

1.Stay indoors unless it is absolutely necessary to step out.

2. Wear a mask covering the nose and mouth whenever in public.

3. Maintain physical distance of minimum 6 feet.

4. Wash or sanitise hands frequently to the count of 20.

Here is a look at what Covid should stand for! You are all welcome to create your own acrostic poems for the same! Let’s educate while we entertain!

C is for the care that we all must show,
O is for options and precautions we must know;
V is for vaccination, our shield against the disease,
I is for intelligent protocols that will cause the pandemic to freeze;
D is for determination that we will beat this together,
And ensure humanity and nature sustain and survive forever!

Thank you


Academic Year Grade X – XII assembly

Om Namo Narayani

With Divine blessings of our beloved Sri Sakthi Amma,

Prayer is a blessing. 2021-2022 Academic year for Grade X – XII commenced with Morning Prayer.

Morning assembly undoubtedly holds the numero uno position out of all the routine activities in a school. It aids community participation as well as hones the skills of children on account of healthy competitive spirit between different groups. Prayer rejuvenates students’ spirit and remains rooted to the moral values.

The assembly commenced with the Morning Prayer which is believed to provide peace and serenity to our minds and souls. 

The Principal, VP and Teaching faculties addressed the gathering and motivated the students with their encouraging words of wisdom.

Academic Year Grade I – IX assembly


 SNVC with the divine blessings of Sakthi Amma re-opened school on 9th June 2021 for classes VI to IX.  The virtual assembly was held in two sessions (6th to 9th & 1st to 5th).  The first session for classes 6th to 9th commenced at 9.00am with Prayer followed by Introduction of Subject teachers class wise from I to IX.  Students were motivated with Tirukkural, motivational speeches, maths riddles, TED talk, Thought for the day, proverbs, simulation speech, finally with tips to be followed during pandemic.  Principal mam addressed the students with Abdul Kalam’s words and gave instructions to follow during online class. The second session commenced at 9.45am with prayer followed by ‘What special today’, Thirukural, Thought for the day, Hindi Proverb, News Headlines, Awareness about Covid 19 , math’s riddles and Health tips.  Finally Principal mam addressed the students and instructed to follow golden words of Kalam’s:  Integrity, set a goal and always be a learner, and ended with instructions to be followed during online classes.

Webinar – “Mental Well Being”


Greetings from SNVC!

Sri Narayani Vidyashram Senior Secondary School, on 18th June 2021, conducted webinar on ‘Mental Wellbeing” eminent personality Dr.P.Kavitha MBBS, DNB, a leading psychiatrist in Sri Narayani hospital and research centre was the resource person.  The webinar was conducted in two sessions for students and teachers.

The Student session started at 10.00 a.m., with the welcome and introduction of the resource person by SNVC Principal.  The Webinar highlighted on “How to overcome the anxiety, fear and depression in studies during this pandemic” Many tips were provided to students to make schedule, write diary, My idea book, self-Management strategies and finally how to stay safe online”. 12th Grade students asked few questions and concluded by Gratitude address by SNVC vice Principal.

The staff session which commenced at 11.30am highlighted on two major roles “For students and for self”, “how to analysis the mindset of children, Expressing distress, For students: Listen, comfort, reassure, Do’s and Don’ts to handle kids & students, Types of stress and ways to overcome it, Physical symptoms, Emotional symptoms, tips to cope with stress, Adopt a healthy lifestyle, Develop your skills, managing stress while working from home.  All these topics were discussed in detail.  All students and staff realized a great stress buster after this webinar.  Few teachers posed questions to balance home and profession and so on.  The webinar concluded with Vote of Thanks.


SNVC celebrates the 7th International Yoga day, virtually on 21st June 2021 with our Chief Guest Mr.N.Shanmguam M.A.,History M.A.,(Yoga) Occupation (Rtd) Administrative Officer in Government Medical College , Vellore  The programme started with the Introductory note followed by  Prayer.  Vice Principal mam welcomed the gathering on this auspicious day.  Principal mam introduced the Chief Guest Mr.N.Shanmuguam and the service rendered to the community for 35 years in the field of yoga.  The programme emphasized, with the yoga common Protocol execution, wherein students virtually performed yoga alongwith the Yoga Instructor Ms.Revathi. Few students gave special performance of Yoga.  Chief guest, in his speech highted to that Yoga should be practiced everyday and it should be made routine.  Gave a brief study of our sense organs with yoga.  Finally, the programme ended with Gratitude address.

International Yoga Day – Staff Celebration

The afternoon session started at 12.00pm for staff members.  The session started with Yoga prayer, all teachers demonstrated various yoga postures along with Yoga instructor.  Principal mam shared the message of Shakthi Amma Spiritual and Physical is important for every human being to lead a complete life.  Our Chief Mentor Mr.Ramesh insisted that everyone should do yoga to make themselves mentally and physically strong.  Yoga should be a part and parcel of everyone’s life.  Sir ended with a note, only when we are healthy our dream can be accomplished.


Om Namo Narayani!

With Divine blessings of our beloved Sri Sakthi Amma, “I don’t say everything, but I paint everything.” – Pablo Picasso SNVC always encourages students’ participation in competition for their holistic development. We are proud to announce that Thumb Printing, Design challenge & Paint your dream on paper Competitions were held for Class Mont to IX. The aim for this Competition was to develop the creativity in students. It was a successful event and students were very happy and enjoyed drawing and paint their dream. SNVC continues to add feathers to its cap of achievements with such talented Students and continues to support their growth.

Vellore Sepoy Mutiny

Om Namo Narayani

With Divine blessings of our beloved Sri Sakthi Amma,

215th anniversary of the Vellore Sepoy Mutiny celebrated – Special Virtual Assembly.

Vellore Sepoy mutiny happened before daybreak on July 10, 1806 — much before the ferocious Sepoy Mutiny of 1857 that is widely considered to be India’s First War of Independence. The events of July 10 are now an indelible part of history.

On this occasion, The assembly commenced with the Morning Prayer which is believed to provide peace and serenity to our minds and souls. Patriotic Poems and Songs were recited and patriotic speeches were delivered by the students.

This day reminds students every year that freedom is sacred and citizens must do everything to ensure that it shall not be endangered.



An immensely proud and joyful moment for Sri Narayani family! SRIPURAM SRI NARAYANI PEEDAM:SRI SAKTHI AMMA’s NOBLE CONTRIBUTION TOWARDS CHIEF MINISTER’s PUBLIC RELIEF FUND 𝐖𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐃𝐢𝐯𝐢𝐧𝐞 𝐁𝐥𝐞𝐬𝐬𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 𝐨𝐟 𝐎𝐮𝐫 𝐁𝐞𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐝 𝐒𝐑𝐈 𝐒𝐀𝐊𝐓𝐇𝐈 𝐀𝐌𝐌𝐀, 𝐑𝐬. 𝟏,𝟎𝟎,𝟎𝟎,𝟎𝟎𝟎 (𝐑𝐔𝐏𝐄𝐄𝐒 𝐎𝐍𝐄 𝐂𝐑𝐎𝐑𝐄) 𝐰𝐚𝐬 𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐝 𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐫 𝐭𝐨 𝐓𝐡𝐢𝐫𝐮. 𝐌. 𝐊. 𝐒𝐭𝐚𝐥𝐢𝐧, 𝐇𝐨𝐧’𝐛𝐥𝐞 𝐂𝐡𝐢𝐞𝐟 𝐌𝐢𝐧𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐨𝐟 𝐓𝐚𝐦𝐢𝐥 𝐍𝐚𝐝𝐮 towards Chief Minister’s Public Relief Fund (CORONA Pandemic relief measures) on 13-07-2021 (Tuesday). The cheque was handed over by Thiru. Soundarajan, Trustee, Dr. N. Balaji, Director & Trustee – SNHRC, Dr. M. Suresh Babu, Director & Trustee – Sripuram & Mr. Sampath – Manager, Sri Narayani Peedam in the presence of Thiru. Durai Murugan, Hon’ble Minister of Water Resources, Govt. of Tamil Nadu.

Sensory Activity for our Kindergarten Tiny Tots!!

Our little ones had loads of fun with identifying the five senses, smell, taste, sight, touch and hear through an interactive online activity as a part of their daily lesson plan… was fun to watch the little eyes gleam with curiosity and happiness!!

Vellore Sepoy Mutiny

Vellore Sepoy mutiny happened before daybreak on July 10, 1806 — much before the ferocious Sepoy Mutiny of 1857 that is widely considered to be India’s First War of Independence. The events of July 10 are now an indelible part of history.

On this occasion, The assembly commenced with the Morning Prayer which is believed to provide peace and serenity to our minds and souls. Patriotic Poems and Songs were recited and patriotic speeches were delivered by the the students. This day reminds students every year that freedom is sacred and citizens must do everything to ensure that it shall not be endangered.

Vanmahotsav Celebration

‘Planting a tree is much better than wearing a mask to be safe from pollution. Several competitions like poster making, slogan-writing, Saplings plantation, Photography competition, and Fancy dress competition were conducted on the theme ‘The Importance of Trees in everyday life’. The curiosity to learn and the will to create a change were clearly seen in the efforts of the students. They also learned that ‘Van Mahotsav’ is celebrated at the onset of the monsoon season because the saplings planted during this period have a greater chance of survival. These various activities helped to instill the value of social responsibility in the students.


Workshop on “Capacity Building

With a view to keeping their teachers abreast with the latest techniques in pedagogy, Sri Narayani Schools organized capacity building workshop for the teachers on 22 July 2021. The workshop was addressed by Ms. Kantha Kapoor, focused on Role play about using empathy skill in response to a person in a difficult situation during corona.

World Nature Conservation Day

Workshop on “Anger Management”

“Anger can be well managed if we understand the origin of this emotion scientifically”
With the guidance of our Distinguished Director Sir Dr. M. Suresh Babu
Sri Narayani Schools organised ” Anger Management ” webinar sessions via Google meet for teaching fraternity on 7 August 2021.

Ms. Lakshmi Prabha

Sr. Principal,

Prasan Vidya Mandir, Chengalpattu.
CBSE Master Trainer & Tele counsellor conducted this “Anger Management “ session.

The Anger Management session helped the teachers in teaching and comprehending the changing surroundings. Ms. Lakshmi Prabha addressed teachers by suggesting tips on how to manage frustration & anxiety and create stronger base for communication in classroom.

75th Independence Day Celebration

Freedom in the Mind,
Faith in the words …
Pride in our souls …
Let’s salute the nation on this auspicious day.
With the Divine blessings of our beloved Sri Sakthi Amma,
Independence Day is celebrated all over India with great patriotism and pride. SNVC also takes keen interest in celebrating festivals of national interest in all its grandeur. On this special occasion, the programme started with flag hoisting by our honourable director sir Dr. M. Suresh Babu,. Our Director sir addressed the gathering appealing to their nationalistic spirit and urging them to take pride in being an Indian and fulfilling one’s duty with responsibility. Patriotic Poems and Songs were recited by the students. Some students also presented the group dance and skits. Students joined through MS Team to witness and pay their homage to our nation.

Independence Day Students activity

Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav_Rashtragaan_National Anthem

Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav is being celebrated across the nation to commemorate India’s 75 years of Independence.

The initiative was announced by the Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi in Mann Ki Baat dated  25th July as a part of Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav. SNVCIAN’S render the National Anthem and record it, thereby getting connected with the campaign and received the certificates.

Brindhavan Comes Alive

Om Namo Narayani..,

With the Divine Blessings of our Beloved Sri Sakthi Amma,

Janmashtami marks the birth of Lord Krishna, an avatar of Lord Vishnu. Janmashtami festival was celebrated with great zeal and pomp by the children of Primary at Sri Narayani Vidyashram. Children dressed in, as Krishna and Radha enthusiastically.

Teachers Day Celebration with our Beloved “Sri Sakthi Amma”

In conjuction with Teacher’s Day celebrations, Teachers from Sri Narayani Schools gathered together for the programme on 07.09.2021 at Sripuram. Dr. M. Suresh Babu, Director & Trustee, delivered the key note address and motivated the teachers.

Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations

The students of Sri Narayani Vidyashram celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi with great pomp and gaiety. Ganesha chaturthi is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Ganesha, the son of Lord Shiva and Parvati. The session started with a traditional lamp lighting and aarthi.

Swachh Bharath_Trees Planting activity

Grandparents day activity

Swatchh Bharath-HandWashing Activity

Gandhi Jayanti celebration

Swatchh Bharath – Cleanliness Drive

Rashtriya Poshan Maah

Banning / Elimination of Single Use Plastic

Ayudha Pooja Celebrations

Vidhyarambham – Admissions

Virtual Diwali celebrations

Mont II & II celebrations

Dashing Diwali Celebrations by our Dazzling Dolls of Montessori I and II….Here we have a Sweet treat for your eyes and ears on this special occasion of Diwali !!

Grade 1 to 5 Celebrations

Grade 6 to 12 Celebrations

School Reopening after Pandemic

School reopening after pandemic….Children’s are happy to be back at School…

Kathigai Deepam Celebrations

Students of Sri Narayani Vidyashram celebrated THIRUKARTHIGAI DEEPAM at home with great enthusiasm, fervor and pride. Children exposed to the essence of the festivals through lamp lighting and decorations.

Constitution Day

Constitution Day also known as ‘Samvidhan Divas’, is celebrated in our country on 26th November every year to commemorate the adoption of the constitution of India. On 26th November 1949, the Constituent Assembly of India adopted the Constitution of India, which came into effect on 26 January 1950.As a part of the celebrations, our School planned innovative activities to highlight and reiterate the values and principles enshrined in the constitution.The day served as a reminder to live by and promote these timeless values in our communities.

“75 Lakh Post CardCampaign”

As part of the ongoing celebrations of Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav (AKAM), the Department of Posts (DOP), Ministry of Communication, along with the Department of School Education and Literacy, Ministry of Education, propose the “75 Lakh Post CardCampaign” SNVC organized the campaign on 10th December & 11th December, 2021.

Rediscover the History

An essay is a piece of reflection- can be literary critique, political manifestos, learned arguments, observations of daily life, personal recollections, etc. Essay competitions at school help harness the energy and creativity of the young in promoting a culture of peace and sustainable development.Essay writing competition was conducted in SNVC premises. The occasion had an overwhelming participation of our students.


The Tamilnadu government, and the Directorate of public health and preventive medicine have announced for vaccination of the age group 15 to 18 years. Our school had organized a camp for vaccination. Nearly 51 students of classes 10th to 12th were vaccinated.

75 Crore Surya Namaskar

Ministry of Education, Govt of India has intimated that under the banner Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav the National Yogasana sports Federation has decided to run a project of 75 Crore SuryaNamaskar from 01 January 2022 to 07 February 2022. Students & Teachers of SNVC had participated in Surya Namaskar.

National Youth Day

National Youth Day speech was also delivered by a student who highlighted the theme of 2022 “Its all in the mind”, a key teaching of Swami Vivekananda” on the whole it was a true manifestation of our culture and tradition.

Pongal Virtual Celebrations

SNVC celebrated Virtual Pongal ‘a thanks giving festival to various Hindu deities’The celebration started in a splendid manner with our devotional prayer song followed by various activities like Slogam, Pongal dance, English speech & Thirukkural.

Sri Narayani Vidyashram Pongal celebrations

With Divine blessings of Beloved Sakthi Amma,Tamil harvest festival Pongal was celebrated with great joy and fanfare in Sri Narayani Vidyashram. An earthen pot was decorated and placed on fire traditionally . Our Distinguished Director sir Dr.M.Suresh Babu commenced the function with a traditional lamp lighting and aarthi to Sri Vidya Ganapathi. The chanting of Pongalo! Pongal! Pongalo! Pongal was exciting for everyone.

Republic Day Virtual Celebrations

SNVC celebrated the 73rd Republic Day with immense patriotic fervour and zeal through an online platform. A plethora of activities were organised to infuse the spirit of unity, brotherhood and patriotism among the students.The students of the Secondary & Senior Secondary presented soulful songs and dance to celebrate the monumental day. They were shown informative videos, reiterating the importance of the Drafting Committee headed by Dr B.R. Ambedkar. School Principal, Mrs. Indhumathi B inspired the students with her motivational words and told all the students to abide by the constitution of their motherland and fulfill all their duties as responsible citizens. The event concluded with the rendition of the National Anthem.


Evoking the national spirit, SNVC celebrated India’s 73rd Republic Day in a special assembly. It was a sacred occasion, marked by an enthusiastic display of patriotism by students.The ceremony began with the hoisting of the tricolor flag by our Distinguished Director Sir Dr.M.Suresh Babu, accompanied by Chief mentor, Principals of CBSE & Matric, Vice Principals of CBSE & Matric and Administrative Officer. He dedicated the celebration to the undying human spirit to triumph in the face of adversity and touched upon the measures being taken by the nation to help the citizens tide over the economic crises. He stressed the fact, that we have to use the crisis as an opportunity to build on our strengths.Teachers play a very important role in shaping the future of their students. Hence, teachers have to take a firm stand that they will inculcate values of our rich culture and tradition among students.


Om Namo Narayani!SNVC organized an orientation programme conducted by HCL Tech Bee team on 12.02.2022, headed by Mr. Bala Subramaniam & Mr. Janartha Sharma. HCL team focused on students from classes 10 to 12 with the aim to open up students mind the possibilities to connect them with professionals along with their education. The programme started with lighting the lamp by the resource persons Mr. Bala Subramaniam & Mr. Janartha Sharma accompanied by Chief Mentor, Principals, Vice Principals & Administrative officer. Mrs. Indhumathi, Principal of SNVC welcomed the gathering, Chief Mentor Mr. Ramesh introduced the resource person and also briefed the projects of our beloved Sri Sakthi Amma. The HCL Orientation programme briefed on

• HCL Hires & trains class 12 promoted students with 60% of marks overall

• One year training, after six months, during internship child will get a stipend of Rs. 10000/- per month

• This students can get a degree in BITS Pilani – Regular Degree, Sastra & Amity University – Online Degree

• Question and answer session clarified many doubts of parents by HCL team

• Finally the programme ended with Vote of thanks by SNVC Principal Mrs. Indhumathi

DELEGATES VISIT – Thiruvannamalai Trust

On 17th February 2022, SNVC was visited by few delegates of Thiruvanamalai Trust, alongwith our Honourable Director sir Mr. Suresh Babu, Chief Mentor, Principal CBSE & Matric and other dignitaries. They had a usual visit to classes and were impressed by the teaching & activity learning methodologies. They also appreciated our way of teaching, class room arrangements, innovative ideas, student activities and discipline. They were also inspired by the class conduction of Mont with play-way methodology and Higher grade classes with live nature, real greenery and plants. Few labs with live experiments. On the whole our methodologies, has marked a impact in educational learning.


Om Namo Narayani!With the divine blessings of our beloved Sri Sakthi Amma, SNVC welcomed Mont classes today (23.02.2022). All students along with their parents assembled in the school premises. The little wings were heartily welcomed; they enjoyed a dance “Welcome back to School” by senior students. The kids were greeted inside the class room by flower shower, thumb printing activities. They also enjoyed outdoor games like (Swing, See-Saw, Slide & Merry-go-round). Children took Snapshot in a frame “1st Day of School”)


The Tamilnadu government, and the Directorate of public health and preventive medicine have announced for vaccination of the age group 12 to 14 years. Our school had organized a camp for vaccination. Nearly 31 students of classes 8th & 9th were vaccinated.

Learn from Experts

An Opportunity to Learn from Subject Experts –
Subject Enrichment session for Grade 12- Computer Science – Resource Persons – Dr. V. Paranthaman -Vice Principal, Dr. V. Belmer Gladson – AP, CSC, Adhi college of Engineering and Technology, Wallajabad.

Significance of Mental wellbeing and Siddha system of Medicine

With a motive to create curiosity among our students to make them learn better and give interest to continue their learning process as long as they live, SNVC organized an Enlightening refreshing session today for Grade 9 and 11 on topic Significance of Mental wellbeing and Siddha system of Medicine by the Resource Persons Dr. Janani and Dr. Manikandan Sri Narayani Ayurvedic Holistic center.

Workshop on “Essential Exam & Study Strategies”

SNVC conducted workshop on “Essential Exam & Study Strategies” for Grade X & XII on April 5th, 2022. The program started by lighting lamp by an eminent Chief guest Mr. S. Suresh M.Sc., M.Phil., B.ed., Headmaster, Govt High School, Kokkalur. SNVC Principal Mrs. Indhumathi welcomed the gathering and SNVM Principal Mr. Balamurugan Honoured the Chief guest with Shawl and Memento. The chief guest addressed students regarding Examination tips; Increase study hour, practice two question paper test content understanding, remembering the formulas, positive attitude, confidence in studies and always should be a good humanitarian. The program ended with vote of thanks and National Anthem.

IHA Prize Distribution Ceremony – GRADE V to IX

SNVC organized IHA Prize distribution ceremony on 6th April 2022, with the blessings of living divine Sri Shakthi Amma, we were blessed with eminent chief guests. Shri. Balakrishnan. AD. SP, Vellore, Dr.S. Subramanian Babu, Dean VIT School of Agricultural Innovation and Advanced learning, Shri Ravichandran DSP, Vellore District. The ceremony started with the lighting of lamp by chief guests, Director sir, Chief Mentor, and Principals. SNVC Principal welcomed the gathering. Students were inspired by all the chief guests’ speeches. To make this day more auspicious, and to entertain yoga, song and dance were performed. Chief guests distributed certificates and gifts. The programme ended with National Anthem.


SNVC organized IHA Prize distribution ceremony on 8th April 2022, with the blessings of living divine Sri Sakthi Amma, we were blessed with eminent chief guest. Shri. ER. V. NATARAJAN Executive Engineer/O&M Tamilnadu Electricity Board Vellore Division, Guests from Sri Narayani Peedam Mr. Jayachandran, Mr. Shivaraj also attended the ceremony, which started with the lighting of lamp by chief guest. SNVC Principal welcomed the gathering. Students were inspired by the chief guest’ speech. To make this day more auspicious, and to entertain song and dance were performed. Chief guests distributed certificates and gifts. The programme ended with National Anthem.



“Dance is the rhythm of music, which in turn engulfs with passion and pride”

We are very proud with elation for Dhanashree B from Grade 7 who has participated in Nepal and won gold medal in ‘Asian level dance competition’. Taking this moment of pride, she was further encouraged for all her walks of life.


ON MAY 26th TEACHER’S WORKSHOP was organized for both Vidyashram and Vidyalaya teachers with the divine blessings of Sri Sakthi Amma and with the guidance of our honourable Director Sir. The objective of the programme was to refresh the members of faculty and familiarize the effective academic practices. The Program started with a lamp lighting ceremony followed by Prayer and felicitation of the Resource Person. Mr. Ramanan was felicitated by Mr. Balamurugan, Former Principal of Sri Narayani Vidyalaya, Chief Mentor Mr. Ramesh proceeded with the welcome note and introduction of the Chair Person. Sir Ramanan from Ladder Consultancy Services elaborated the Effective Strategies of Teaching. The Final vote of thanks was given by Mrs.Indumathi, Principal, Sri Narayani Vidyashram. The Workshop laid emphasis on the active involvement of teachers in the upbringing of their wards and on active synergy among students and teachers for the holistic development of the child.


The Chrysalis Kids Loop Parents Orientation Program was conducted on June 11th 2022, in three sessions for Mont and Grade 1-5, the Program started with a lamp lighting and Prayer Session followed by welcome address and introducing the Chrysalis Person by Ms.Indumathi, Principal. Mr.Moorthy, Regional Manager, Growth Partnerships was the Resource person. Chief Mentor Mr. Ramesh Sir felicitated the Resource Person with a memento as a token of gratitude. The Session started with the introduction about Chrysalis, How Children learn using Curriculum and the technological adaptations of the Kids loop App. The Event positively ended with a formal vote of thanks.


Saraswati, goddess of knowledge and the arts, embodies the wisdom of Devi. She is the river of consciousness that enlivens creation; she is the dawn-goddess whose rays dispel the darkness of ignorance.

She transcends the cravings of the flesh and rejoices in the powers of the mind as the patron of pure wisdom. She embodies all that is pure and sublime in Nature.

 “Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

It was the dawn of hope, trust, magic and excitement embodied in the sparkling little minds. Seeking blessings of our very beloved Sri Sakthi Amma with the guidance of our honourable Director Sir. As the School reopened on June 13th, 2022 in order to start, welcome, seek, trust in the magic of new beginnings, a Saraswathi Yagam was performed in the school premises. It was a divine start to buckle up and celebrate the new academic year.


To commemorate the 3rd year anniversary of Sri Narayani Ayurvedic Centre, various competitions were held for school students. SNVC students took part in Elocution contest, Essay writing, Poem writing and Rangoli competitions and have won various prizes. This gesture of Vidyashram students has been deeply appreciated and blessed by Our living God Gnanaguru Sri Sakthi Amma and our Honourable guide Director Sir.


With the Divine grace and blessings of our Living God Gnanaguru Sri Sakthi Amma and with the guidance of our Respected Director Sir, on account of World Blood Donor Day, Blood Donation camp is planned to be organised in Sri Narayani Vidyashram school campus on 14th June 2022 at 11.00am. The benefits of Blood Donation are numerous. As Rejuvenated blood flows in one’s physique after the blood donation, one would feel more active and enthusiastic after the blood donation. Thus we cordially invite everyone to participate in this noble gesture of saving lives.


“The value of a loving father has no price.”

The little darlings of Mont and Primary in order to make their daddies proud and pay filial respect and gratitude, celebrated Father’s Day on 16.6.2022 a spectacular way by Making cards, dancing to tunes and sharing gifts to their beloved fathers. The entire occasion was touching and moved many daddy hearts to happy tears.


With the divine blessings of Sri Sakthi Amma, with the guidance of our honorable Director Sir, Respected Chief Mentor Sir, Principal, Vice Principals, AO Sir, Teachers of both the Schools, International Yoga Day was celebrated on June 21, 2022 in the Narayani Premises, The Event started with a lamp lighting ceremony, followed by the announcement of Aradhana of Grade 10, who will be sitting in Gomukhasana position on stool for longer duration, which in turn is a try for Guinness Record. Felicitation of Chief Guest by Chief Mentor Sir. The program started with students sharing their experiences through their journey in Yoga, followed by the yoga common protocol execution, where the Asanas and their corresponding health benefits were declared, and the special performance of various Grade students of Narayani Vidhyashram and Narayani Vidyalaya. The Yoga Prayer and Pledge embarked within everyone- it’s necessity. The Special address by the Chief Guests, Ms. Munday and Ms. Leela who enlightened the gathering their experiences. There outlook of Yoga and it’s Divinity, they also shared their experiences on being a long term devotees of Sri Sakthi Amma. Valedictory function comprises of Felicitation of Yoga and PT teachers of both the Schools, along with the special performance students. Winners of various yoga Competition were rewarded with mementos. The Event ended with a high note of Gratitude and Honour. With much elation and pride, Aaradhana.V aged 14, was in Gomukhasana position for 42 minutes which crossed the previous record of being in that position for 20 minutes. Hearty congratulations to her from the SNVC family.


In the event of June month theme, various inter house activities based on “English” were conducted in the school premises, for Montessori: Fancy dress competition, For Grade 1 to 5: Spin a yarn, For Grade 6 & 7: Spellympic, For Grade 8: Elocution competition & For Grade 9: Essay writing competition were organised. Students from various grades actively participated in the competition.


 “Voting is not only our right—it is our power.” Loung Ung, Human Rights Activist

Recognizing the importance of being powerful leaders, thoughtful decision makers, valiant citizens, Student Election was conducted on 29.6.2022, laying emphasis on following the right voting schedule that happens in a democratic country. Students had a live experience of the voting process. It was a finger crossed moment for all the nominees waiting for their chance to make every promise a reality. Various Grade students, almost 97% students casted their votes waiting for a change, a difference, a betterment they wanted to shape and surround themselves with.


The day dawned with curiosity, prayers, hope, challenges, commitments, and. On 2.7.2022, the nominated candidates were waiting for their day- their own day. The day started with updates of the election results, each count, was each breath of eager for almost all the candidates. The Election results were announced after the counting process. Tears of joy, Tears of disappointment and contentedness Both were equally taken into account. The leaders, the future Achievers were congratulated, on the other hand the other nominated candidates were equally cheered up for the upcoming victories that will probably come their way. The Winners of the Election gave their Victory Speech mentioning again their promises and gratefulness for having been elected.



‘Planting a tree is much better than wearing a mask to be safe from pollution’ Vanmahotsav celebrations at Sri Narayani Vidyashram campus.


On account of school president election which is to be held on 22nd July, 2022 Grade 11 students filed their nomination to our respected Principal mam


On 16th July 2022, World Plastic Surgery day was observed in Sri Narayani Hospital and Research Centre. From Grade 9 and 10, Close to ten participants/students of vidyashram participated in the poster making competition

C.S. Gokularaman from Grade 9, won the crown and secured First place, for making a poster on theme “A new lease on life”.Krupalakshmi V, from Grade 9, won the second place and she waved her sketch on theme “Causes of road accidents”


SNVC organised a field trip to a mini forest on 21.07.2022 as a part of experiential Divine-Forest which is located in the Sri Narayani Holistic Centre. This trip proved to be a feast and provided a great fun learning experience to our kids!


School President election was conducted in our Vidyashram premises on 22nd July, 2022. All the Ministers, House Ministers and Students of Grade 11 have cast their vote for their competent school pupil President.

12th Result Announcement


“YOGA IS MEDITATION, MEDITATION IN TURN IS DIVINE, IT’S SUBLIME NATURE REACHES SOUL SO YOUNG AND THE ONE AGEING”With utmost pride and elation, we are honoured and privileged to announce the victories of our students in the 1st Inter District Yogasana (2022 – 2023) championship organised by Ranipet District yoga association in Maharishi Vidhya Mandir Senior Secondary School, Arcot on 24.07.2022. Students of Sri Narayani Vidyashram won several trophies, certificates and medals in various advanced and special yoga categories.


“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.” “A Leader is a Dealer in Hope. “With the Divine blessings of our Beloved Guru Sri Sakthi Amma and with the guidance of our Honourable Director Sir, The Investiture Ceremony for the academic session 2021-22 was held with great pomp and dignity at Sri Narayani Vidyashram Premises on 29.7.2022.


Medical camp was organised for the students of Grade 1 to 5 on 28.07.2022 and 29.07.2022. The cleanliness of the children, hygiene and health of the elementary kids were highly promoted.



CBSE Capacity Building two days training programme on topic “Experiential Learning” – 6th & 7th of August 2022 RESOURCE PERSONS:Dr. S. Bhavanishakar, Director Strategy research and innovations, Lalaji memorial omega international school, ChennaiMrs. Vasumathy Srinivasan, Former principal, Vani Vidyalaya Sr. Sec. School, Chennai


With the Divine blessings of Our beloved Sri Sakthi Amma and guidance of our Honorable Director sir, our Grade VI Students visited Divine Forest on 4th August 2022.The main objective of conducting a field trip for students is to reinforce experimental and contextual learning.Dr. Janani with her compassionate smile welcomed the students and guided to Divine Forest. Then, Ms. Nathalien with her passionate for nature , explained the importance of Indian Medicine to Our Children. This visit offered students and teachers the opportunity to interact outside of the classroom. It helped the students to bond with each other and also enhanced their social skills and life skills. All the students were excited to explore the forest. They were awestruck by the different types of trees. They enjoyed a lot and had a wonderful day. The discipline was on its high.


It is a proud moment for everyone as we approach another Independence Day on August 15th. This annual observance has a great significance and this special day is celebrated for commemorating our brave leaders and fighters of history who won us the freedom we are enjoying today. On account of the 75th Independence day, SNVC organized different activities for Mont to XII.

‘Drive against drugs’ Awareness

Police official addressed the ‘Drive against drugs’ awareness campaign in SNVC premises after conducting the pledge against drug addiction for the students.


Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav – Activities for Awareness in students regarding India’s Freedom Struggle. Students of Grade 4 and 5 were on a procession in Vellore Fort with the INDIAN FLAG, held with Patriotic Reverence. It sensitized the students about the freedom struggle events, people and places.


SNVC Students and teachers hoisted National flag in their houses on account of Har Ghar Trianga Campaign